Why start a beauty and skincare line?
I started Savvy Buttah Beauty and Skin Care out of necessity. A couple of years ago, my daughter, Zora, was suffering from eczema breakouts that sometimes got so bad her skin would crack and bleed. We tried everything from changing her diet to laundry detergent. We bought the gentlest cleansers and topical medications, but nothing seemed to work. And if you know me, you know I couldn’t give up, and I certainly would not let Zora suffer.
I researched and found anecdotes about the healing power of shea butter and other natural oils. I hit the kitchen and started experimenting, mixing up recipes until I created the perfect solution for Zora’s skin. With consistent use (as consistent as any kid could be), her eczema cleared up.
I’ve made batches and batches of natural body butters for the whole family throughout the years, addressing our various needs: soothing my dry skin, Vlad’s rough hands, and Anya’s hyperpigmentation. And now, I’m taking my love of analysis and problem solving, merging it with my love of healthy skin, and making this product available to the masses to address even more skincare needs.
Here's to healthy skin!